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Creating Sustainable Footwear: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Creating sustainable products is a challenge for everyone on the footwear product team. Footwear designers, developers, marketing managers, and product managers all play a role in creating more sustainable products. Everyone must work together to ensure the product meets sustainability goals. 1. Don’t set unrealistic sustainability goals. Creating sustainable footwear is a huge challenge. Aim […]

Diagrama de piezas de calzado

La anatomía de un zapato: Todos los estudiantes de diseño de calzado deben saber los nombres correctos de las piezas de calzado. Aquí se muestra un diagrama de las piezas de calzado que muestran los nombres estándar para cada pieza de calzado. ¿Qué es un refuerzo de ojetes, suela, o puntera? Si te encuentras diseñando un […]

How to Start a Shoe Brand

Do you want to start a shoe business or learn how how to start a shoe line? You are in the right place. Starting a shoe brand will not be easy; you will need lots of help, patience, perseverance, and passion.

Business Plans for Start-Up Shoe Brands

12 Tips for Footwear Brand Building Are you ready to start your own brand-building journey? Do your shoe business dreams seem unattainable? You need a business plan to transform your dreams into reality and successfully launch your shoe brand. So, what is a business plan for a start-up shoe company? Most business plans start out […]

Sustainability in Footwear: 5 ways one start-up brand nails it

It is possible to design sustainable footwear that is comfortable, fashionable, and helps to reduce global warming. Here are 5 eco friendly ways

How to make your shoe design a SLAM dunk.

The 4 elements of great shoe design S.L.A.M. Silhouettes, Logos, Accessories, Materials.

What are Nike shoes made of?

What raw materials does Nike use to make shoes? Here at the Sneaker Factory, we have examined many Nike shoe styles to find out exactly what is inside. We have sectioned The Air Jordan 1, the Nike Vapor Fly, Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next%, the Air Max 90, Kobe 4, and other popular Nike models to […]

How to Spot a Fake Yeezy

Legit Check The Adidas Yeezy 500 You will find fake Adidas shoes in stores all around the world. Our goal is to help you spot these fake counterfeit shoes and teach you some shoemaking tips. How can I tell if my Yeezys are fake? Today we have two pairs of the Yeezy 500, and we […]

Design & Production of Sustainable Shoes

Design & Production of Sustainable Shoes Designing and producing sustainable shoes can be difficult but is an important factor to consider in today’s world of increasing climate change and climate change activism. We must think ahead and start with the design and material selection, to reduce our carbon footprint as consumers and manufacturers in the shoemaking […]

Introducing Soléi Sea sandals

Today, I invite you to visit Soléi Solei Sea is a new business that proves COVID-19 does not have to limit your ambitions. The sandal brand is the brainchild of four life-long friends whose jobs were sidelined by the Covid crisis. Kristina, Andrea, Jami, and Ali set their minds to create this new women’s […]

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About the Author

Wade Motawi is a working shoe design professional. Wade studied industrial design at the University of Michigan School of Art. In 1995, he started in the shoemaking trades designing hiking boots and traveling to the far east. Over the following 25 years, Wade worked as a shoe designer, developer, product line manager, development group manager, advanced technology group manager, buyer, sourcing manager, and R&D director. He has experience working on sports shoes for running, skating, hunting, hiking, snowboarding boots, soft goods, and hard goods for wakeboarding, snowboarding, and kiteboarding.
Wade has lived in the far east and traveled extensively in China, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Europe, and Australia. Wade makes his home in San Diego, California, with his wife and two teenage boys. Wade has written several shoemaking books that have been read in over 60 countries.

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