Intro Shoe Material Design Guide ISBN-10:099870704X ISBN-13: 978-0998707044 Footwear Pattern Making and Last Design How To Start Your Own Shoe Company ISBN-10:0998707015 ISBN-13:978-0998707013 Learn Modern
Download Today! Start your footwear career today! Footwear Design / Development / Production Modern shoemaking explained shoesmaking book How shoes are Made
Shoe-making-images See inside Nike shoes See inside Steph Curry shoes See Inside
Read Now! Footwear Engineering / Material Selection
world books Cómo empezar tu propia empresa de calzado ISBN-10: 0998707082 ISBN-13: 978-0998707082 Cómo se hacen los zapatos ISBN-10: 0998707058 ISBN-13: 978-0998707051 鞋子是怎样制成的: 你想学习现代运动鞋是如何制作的吗? Zapateria
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Descarga digital / PDF文件下載 鞋类设计 / 开发 / 教育 Diseño de calzado / Desarrollo / Educación अब भारत में उपलब्ध मुद्रित! Guía para el diseño de materiales de calzado La guía de los diseñadores de calzado para seleccionar y especificar materiales.
Easy to Use Footwear Pattern Making and Last Design A beginner’s guide to the fundamental techniques of shoemaking. Worldwide Shipping
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Shoemaking Books for Beginners, Designers, and Footwear Professionals.

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Learn More Shoe material design Guide shoemaking book Learn to pick shoe materials. Learn More How to Start A Shoe Line: A Step-by-Step Guide Build your brand
Create a company
Learn More Footwear Pattern Pattern Cutting: Step by Step Patterns for Footwear Learn to Make
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Learn More Sneaker School Get the Set!
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About the Author

Wade Motawi is a working design professional. Wade studied industrial design at the University of Michigan School of Art. In 1995, he started in the shoemaking trades designing hiking boots and traveling to the far east. Over the following 25 years, Wade worked as a shoe designer, developer, product line manager, development group manager, advanced technology group manager, buyer, sourcing manager, and R&D director. He has experience working on sports shoes for running, skating, mountain biking, brown shoes, hunting, hiking, snowboarding boots, soft goods, and hard goods for wakeboarding, snowboarding, and kiteboarding.
Wade has lived in the far east and traveled extensively in China, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Europe, and Australia. Wade makes his home in San Diego, California, with his wife and two teenage boys. Wade has written seven shoemaking books that have been read in over 60 countries.

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