Does Nike Make the Best Sport Shoes?

The question: Does Nike Make the Best Shoes?   This question is not so simple as the Nike Corporation makes thousands of different models, so they must be the best.  I did see a report that stated Nike makes over 10 million different products, This does sound crazy by they do have sales of over 15 Billion with a “B”.     Yes they make a lot of shoes but are they the best?

The answer is Yes! and No! 

There is no denying that Nike dominates some product footwear categories.  Any visit to your local sporting good store will show you that. But in the case of shoes best really means the best for you!
Are Nike shoes top quality?  Yes.  Both the expensive shoes and the cheap Nike shoes are made to high technical standards.   When you buy Nike you are buying a well made shoe.  This is not so special, the other big brands Adidas for example offer the same build quality.  The difference comes in the materials used. A more expensive shoes will have materials that are stronger, lighter , possibly more flexible depending on the model of the shoe.

But what makes are shoe really the “Best” is how it works for you!  The shoe that is best for your foot shape, flexibility, sporting activity  and personal style may not be a Nike.  Me personally, I don’t own any and I’m a shoe hound for sure, but the Nike running shoes lasts just don’t feel comfortable to my foot.

So you can go with confidence and get a pair of Nikes- Buy them and Love them, If they work for you!  But if you are not 100% in love, don’t be afraid to shop around.  You may just find a smaller company that makes the “Best” shoe for you!

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