Can I get custom made shoes? Yes!

In the very recent past custom made shoes were only available to the very wealthy and custom made shoes were limited to hand made leather dress shoes.  Frankly..boring!  Now you can have almost any type of shoe custom made.  What started 10 years ago as an experiment with a small shoe factory and a tiny start up brand has become real opportunity for all of us to get one of a kind shoes.   Now all the the major shoe brands now offer custom shoes.  Reebok, Converse, Nike, Puma, Adidas, Vans, New Balance, Keen, and Boombah now offer custom shoes programs.

How can Nike, Puma, Adidas, Vans, New Balance make custom shoes?   The answer you are not.  You are gettings a custom color up of a shoe .  These “production” custom programs offered by the big brands like Nike and Adidas have removed the “development” requirement from the shoe production.   The choices they offer on the web site  only require the shoe factory to pull the material from stock and cut the correct shapes for assembly.   So while not being a new pattern made just for you, you can get a wide range of colors to suit your personal taste and can still be one of a kind.

Here is a review of the major custom made shoe programs.

New Balance Custom Made shoes
New_Balence_NB_CustomNew Balance offers 7 models of their classic suede running shoes for men and women.   While this seems like a limited selection,It’s not.  For New Balance that’s really all you want any how.  Sweet High fashion trainers.   The midsole options are limited and prices high but I still like the New Balance custom shoe offering.

Reebok Custom Made shoes
Reebok_design_your_ownReebok has a nice offering of  Crossfit, running, training and classics ready for custom designs.  Being a fan of the classics I went straight to the Freestyle, lots of options.  Over all Not the best.  Plenty of models and options but the overall presentation of the interface is just so so.   Come to get you classics but ignore Reeboks otherwise weak custom offering.

Nike Custom Made shoes
NIke_IDWhat can you say, Nike does not mess around.  A huge selection of Models in every category and gender, tons of color and material options, a slick interface, the whole program is very nice.  Price are not too crazy, and you are getting both new and classic models.  I like what Nike has done here.  I think they hit the sweet spot with the NFL team color Dunks.

Van Custom Made Shoes
Vans_CustomVans Custom shoe program delivers the classics.  That is all we need or want from them.  And I’ll say they do it well.  All the classic models, tons of options and great prices.  I like how they post creations of other customers. My only nit pick is they don’t offer gun rubber foxing tape…hmmm.   But over all I like the Vans custom shoes program.

Keen Custom Made shoes 
Build_Your_KeenI like that Keen is in the game offering custom made outdoor shoes.  I do wish there was  maybe a second option for men but then again the Newport is really the model what drivers the business. I guess every river guide will have a custom made pair.  Great custom interface, lots of upper choices.   I do wish they had more choices for the outsole rubber color options.   Over all I like Keen’s custom make program, I just wish there was even more….so  could like more.

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