Nike Air Max 90: Counterfeit vs. Real

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How can you tell if your Nike Air Max 90 shoes are real or fake? We are going to study two pairs of the classic style Air Max 90. One pair is real and made by Nike, the other is a Nike Air Max 90 counterfeit: 100% fake. How can you spot the fake Air Max? What are some of the differences in the real shoe vs. the fake shoe?

Let’s check out a Nike Air Max 90 Counterfeit

#1. Check out the shoe bottom.
The outsole on the red pair of Air Max ’90s is made of rubber while the blue pair’s outsole is made of PU foam that has been painted! I also noticed the blue sneaker is much lighter weight than the red Nike sneaker. Look closely, the blue shoe is actually missing the “Nike” logo. The blue must be the Nike Air Max 90 counterfeit!
That was just too easy!
Fakes are made by many fraudulent companies, some are better than others. Let’s look at a few other construction details that will help you tell the difference between the original Nike and the counterfeit Air Max 90.

  #2. Examine the tongue logo.
Our real shoe has the “Nike+Swoosh” label sewn down on all four sides. The fake is turned and stitched into the tongue seam. While this is a nicer way to attach the tongue logo, it’s not the Nike OG construction. Take another look at the artwork. On the real patch, the tail of the swoosh overlaps the “E” of Nike and the head of the swoosh almost touches the “N”. Notice the fake label has the “Air” logo twice.

  #3. Check out the heel logo.
On our fake Air Max 90, the stitching groove interferes with the “A” and the “R” of the Nike Air logo. Also, the counterfeit shoe “Air” logo is missing the molded ribs below the letters. Additionally, the top shape of the OG Nike patch has a significant dip in the middle.

   #4. Let’s examine the side “AIR MAX” logo.
Our counterfeit Nike has a two-tone logo, while the real deal Nike has a single color. When you feel the logo, the OG Nike Air Max logo is made of stiff plastic, this is due to its location on the shoe being just above the outsole. The fake logo is a softer material and is distorted when the shoe is assembled. The original logo is made by plastic injection vs. the soft PVC logo on the fake shoe.

#5. Check out the paint around the airbag in the heel. While the Air Max original paintwork isn’t perfect, the fake Nike paintwork is a mess with paint outside the lines.

#6. Look inside at the footbed. The original Nike shoe has a 3D compression molded EVA footbed with the outsole design pattern and printed logo. The counterfeit Air Max 90 has a super cheap die-cut foam sheet.

Let’s look inside a Nike Air Max 90 Counterfeit

Some of you may be saddened by this next step, this is when we get out the knives and take a look inside the real Nike vs. the counterfeit Nike Air Max 90.

   #7. Let’s feel the tongue of the shoe. Inside the OG Nike, you find an extra layer of foam which is missing from the fake shoe.

 #8. Let’s look at the upper reinforcements. The authentic Nike has grey non-woven “super tuff” fabric backing the top eyelet holes. The fake Nike does not have any reinforcement.

#9. Let’s compare the midsole construction of the two shoes.

“Nike” PU foam Midsole (fake)

The real Nike midsole is made of supple, solid but flexible PU foam. The fake Nike is cored out to save material and allow the cheap, stiff PU to bend. Look at the Strobel bottoms. The official Nike Strobel sock is well bonded to the midsole while the fake is barely glued at all!

#10. While we are looking at the midsole, let’s examine the airbag. The OG Nike shoe has a thin film blow molded airbag with 3 cells. The fake Nike has a thicker walled, stiffer airbag. Notice the different color of the airbag materials. Nike uses a special formula to help hold the air in (it has a yellow tint). The fake is made of clear PVC plastic.

 #11. Now, peel back the lining to reveal a few more differences between the real and fake shoe. While both shoes use a similar plastic infused paperboard for the heel counter, you can see the fake one does not fit well and the edges have not been skived down. Look at the midsole heel of the fake – what a mess!

#12. Look at the toe tip area inside the shoe.

The fake shoe was not carefully made and the toe lasting operation has left a junk show inside. Look at the spacing of the Strobel stitches that hold the upper to the bottom. The original Nike shoe has even closely spaces stitches, while the copy has loose, uneven, and widely spaced stitches.

Do your research

In this case, our Nike Air Max 90 counterfeit is really a rotten shoe, you can see that not only are the design details of the fake incorrect, the internal construction is really terrible. So, while the fake shoe may look pretty good on the outside, the inside is a horror show of low-quality shoemaking.

When shopping for shoes, especially classic Nike sneakers, do your research. If the price looks too good to be true, or the store looks suspect, then you may be looking at counterfeit shoes.

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