How To Start Your Own Shoe Company – Book Preview Video

How To Start Your Own Shoe Company is for anyone with the dream of starting a shoe company of their own. The book follows the launch of two small start-up shoe companies. Each company has its own style of shoes and business plan. In each chapter we will describe a requirement or process, then we will take some time to explain how each new shoe brand will tackle the challenges.

How To Start Your Own Shoe Company covers many important topics such as; how to go about creating your shoe brand identity, how to legally set-up your shoe company, how to register trademarks and apply for patents, how to get your shoes designed, built, paid for, and how to go about selling your shoes.
We will also cover topics like how to import shoes, international distribution, how to pay overseas vendors and capital requirements.
Full color, Soft Cover 12 Chapters, 170 Pages.

How To Start Your Own Shoe Company

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