List of Shoemaking Schools

Should I go to shoe school?

If you are asking yourself, Should I go to shoe school? The answer is Yes!

Are you looking for a shoe making school near you? It can be hard to find a shoe school, but if you look hard you can find one. There are school schools in Portland, New York, Los Angeles, London, and now in the Era of Covid-19 many more online school schools. Outside the USA there are many great shoemaking schools. While the USA based shoe schools are more weekend or night courses, the European school schools such as the Astoria school tend to be full-term footwear certificate courses.

We have pulled together a list of school schools that focus on shoemaking and shoe design. You will need to find a school that suits your study plan. The small programs are more focused on a particular shoemaking skill, such and a boot making school or a fashion design school or a sneaker design program.
Also, see our article on How to become a shoe designer and Arsutoria School.

USA Shoe Making Schools

  • Shoemakers of LA, Los Angles CA

  • Sorrell Custom Boots – Oklahoma

  • Jeanne Bjorn – Portland, Oregon

  • Shoe School – Port Townsend, Seattle

  • Simple Shoemaking – Shutesbury, MA

  • D.W. Frommer 2 School of Western Bootmaking – Redmond, OR.

  • Tex Robin – Western Boots.

  • R.I.Merrell Institute of Bootmaking – Vernal, Utah – Western Boots.

  • FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising , LA CA – Western Boots.

  • Healthy Handmade Shoes – Lexington, VA

  • Fashion Institute of Technology – New York, NY

  • C.T. Chappell Bootmaking School – Saint Jo, TX

  • Bonney and Wills School of Shoemaking and Design – Ashland, OR

  • Carreducker Shoemaking School – New York

  • Chicago School of Shoemaking – Chicago

  • Shoemaking Courses with Marcell Mrsan, Savannah, GA

  • Arsutoria, NY

  • Brooklyn Shoe Space, NY

  • Romango Shoes, Eugene, OR

  • Mattimore Harness, Laramie, WY

  • Hope & Industry, Santa Fe, CA

  • PK Bootmaker

  • College for Creative Studies, Detroit

  • Sutorial, Flint MI

  • Shoe Making Schools in Canada

  • The Art and Sole Academy, Toronto, ON

  • The Make Den, Toronto, ON

  • Bao Shoe, Victoria, BC

  • Terrenaut School of Shoemaking, Montreal, QC

  • Amber’s Leather Creations, Winnipeg, MB

  • UK Shoe Making Schools

    University of Northampton

    London College of Fashion

    De Montfort University

    Leicester College

    Capel Manor College in Enfield

    I can make shoes in London

    London Sneaker School


    Green Shoes in Devon

    The Parachute Collective East London

    British Footwear Association

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