Footwear Innovation Summit NYC

Get inspired at
the Footwear Innovation Summit
NYC June 16-17 2020

Bringing the footwear industry’s greatest minds together, we invite you to the 5th Footwear Innovation Summit (FIS)in New York for a two-day exploration into the most transformative industry technology and innovations. 

The Footwear Innovation Summit connects footwear professionals with leading innovators in the fields of Sustainable Sourcing, Digital Transformation, and Innovation. Since the previous summits in Los Angeles, Shenzhen and Dongguan, FIS NYC 2020 is projected to be attended by 200+ decision-makers and 800+ designers from global footwear brands. 

Join us for two days of 25+ seminar sessions lectured by experts on the latest developments and breakthroughs in the footwear industry. There will also be 80+ Exhibition Booths showcasing each enterprise’s latest innovations.

360° Innovation

FIS is all about innovation, therefore we created the 360° Innovation category for exhibitors with innovative product design tools, production automation, smart solutions, biomaterials, etc. Examples of past exhibitors include no-tie shoelaces, algae-made knitting material, and more. We value your innovation because it’s what drives the industry forward.

Digital Transformation

The future of footwear is all things digital, from 3D design tools, AR/VR customer experience, AI/Machine Learning and Simulation, brands are always seeking digital transformation strategies that can advance their product design, production efficiency, and customer satisfaction rate. The Summit is partnering with Swatchbook, the digital material visualization platform. Swatchbook will enable attendees to retrieve digital files of swatches instantly from the show floor, bringing a brand new experience for both attendees and exhibitors.

Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainability is no longer a topic for discussion, it is an action item on many brands’ agenda. To execute on a sustainability agenda, brands look to different factors for change. This is where enterprises with a sustainability focus, like yours, can find solutions to their problem.

Are you ready for the Future of Footwear?

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