Last Maker: Alex Thomaz Arnold

Shoemakers Displaced by COVID-19

I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, Mr. Alex Thomaz Arnold. Alex is an expert last master trained in the Brazilian shoe trade and holds two degrees in shoemaking. Alex worked in Brazil then relocated to China in 2001. Over that last 15 years, he has honed his skills as the Technical Manager of Lasts for several shoe factories and footwear trading companies. These include Solanum Shoes, the Camuto Group, and the Novi Footwear Company.

Alex, like so many other ex-patriot shoemakers, has lost his position and home all at once. With shoe factories closing and trading companies cutting orders, skilled foreign technicians have been forced out of China. In Alex’s case, he has returned home to Brazil to face a footwear industry under stress with huge uncertainties.

If you are looking for a skilled last technician to consult on your projects in Brazil or remotely worldwide, please contact Alex. [email protected]

You can see his complete CV here: Alex Thomaz Arnold Senior Last Technical Manager

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