How to Build a Shoe Factory

What machines are needed to manufacture shoes?

Build A Shoe Factory

Today I want to introduce you to a company that makes shoemaking equipment. Elitech Footwear Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Taiwan with representative offices in Taiwan, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Africa, Ethiopia, and Turkey. Elitech Footwear Technology can help you design and build a complete shoe factory. They have delivered complete factories to Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Haiti, and Kenya.

How do I build a shoe factory?

Elitech Footwear Technology can help you select the correct equipment to make leather shoes, sports shoes, boots, or sandals. You will need to specify how many pairs of shoes you plan to make per day. Elitech Footwear Technology has many shoe factory designs detailing the equipment you will need to build cutting, sewing, and assembly departments.

How much space do I need for a shoe factory?

The size of your factory will depend on the planned capacity. Roughly speaking, a complete footwear assembly line with lasting stations, buffing, cementing, and sole pressing will require a space 330 feet or 100 meters long. If the assembly line is split in the middle to create a U line, you will need 165 feet or 50 meters for all the belts, ovens, and shoemaking stations. With space added for cutting and stitching, you can fit a 700 pair per day factory into a space 150 feet/45 meters long by 65 feet/20 meters wide. Extra space will be required for raw material and finished product storage.

Elitech Footwear Technology
Elitech Footwear Technology Shoe Factory Design

How many workers will I need for a shoe factory?

To run a footwear assembly line capable of making 500 pairs of shoes per day, you will need 50 workers. Of the 50 workers, approximately 10 need to be skilled equipment operators. Also, you need a Manager and Quality Control staff to monitor the daily operations.

To support the assembly process for your 500 pairs, you will need cutting and stitching staff. Depending on the complexity of the shoe you will need 50 to 80 stitchers and 10 cutters.

Elitech Footwear Technology has a factory design for 1000 pairs of shoes. This assembly factory requires 80 people. You can see this factory below. Elitech Footwear Technology has listed the 25 shoemaking machines required.

What shoemaking equipment will I need?

Elitech Footwear Technology has a complete listing of all the equipment you will need to make leather shoes, safety shoes, or sport shoes at a capacity of about 500-700 pairs per 8-10 hours/day.
Elitech Footwear Technology offers machines from shoe cutting machines, shoe sewing machines, shoe upper machines, shoe lasting machines, shoe lasting lines, to shoe finishing machines.

Footwear cutting section

ts-525 swing beam hydraulic cutting m/c 20 ton 
ts-501 plane type cutting m/c 25t
ts-747 leather skiving machine 
ts-757 heavy skiving machine (thermoplastic, chemical sheet)
ts-819 pneumatic hot stamping machine

Footwear sewing machines

ts-5100 single needle lockstitch flat-bed stitching machine
ts-8810 single needle post sewing machine (complete set) with servo motor
ts-8820 double needle post bed sewing machine (complete set) with servo motor/led light
ts-652 zigzag sewing machine with servo motor/led light
cs-335a single needle cylinder bed with unison feed lockstitch sewing machine (complete set) with servo motor/led light
ts-225 level pressing & thermo flattening machine
ts-202 upper lining trimming machine
ts-316 automatic rotary vamp-lining pressing machine
ts-727r eyeleting machine
ts-747b hot melt edge folding machine
ts-690a 30cm hot melt roll coater 

Shoe lasting line section

Lasting conveyor, belt type, 10m with 1.5m nir heating oven
2 hot 2 cold back part molding machine
Toe cap/toe puff steaming machine
Hot air steaming machine 
Hydraulic toe lasting machine, 9-pincers with cementing
Automatic heel lasting machine
Heel steaming machine
High speed heat setter 2.5m
Guide line marking machine
Edge roughing machine with auto dust-collector.
Bottom roughing machine with dust collector
13.6m infrared ray light heat activator
Glue dyer with 1.5m/2.0m/2.5m heating chamber
Heavy duty walled sole pressing machine
2.5m auto high speed refrigerator 
Finishing lines about 10 meters

Shoe finishing line section

ts-639 finishing conveyor pvc belt type, 10 meters
ts-2220 hydraulic de-lasting machine
ts-2202a thread burnner
ts-518 advanced polishing machine, adjustable speed and dust collector.

How do I get started building a shoe factory?

To get started building your dream shoe factory you can contact Elitech Footwear Technology directly. Their team will help design a factory to fit your production requirements, shoe requirements, and budget requirements.

Elitech Footwear Technology has many turnkey designs ready for your study. You can see their many shoe factory designs here. Shoe Factory Designs.

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