Introducing Soléi Sea sandals

Today, I invite you to visit Soléi

Solei Sea is a new business that proves COVID-19 does not have to limit your ambitions. The sandal brand is the brainchild of four life-long friends whose jobs were sidelined by the Covid crisis. Kristina, Andrea, Jami, and Ali set their minds to create this new women’s owned business venture and nothing is holding them back!

The partners at Soléi Sea have retail backgrounds and limited shoemaking, shoe design, and product sourcing experience. They discovered and contacted our team for help. They read our entire series cover-to-cover, starting with How Shoes are Made and How to Start Your Own Shoe Company.

Together, these women built their footwear product plan, marketing plan, and clarified their brand image. With their plans in hand, they consulted with our team to build their business. organized product development, production, and a quality control process to help Soléi Sea launch their footwear company. The Soléi Sea product line went from an idea to delivery in 6 months time. Their first ocean container is currently en route from China to the USA as we publish this article.

You can learn more about this new company and their products by visiting

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