Shoe Making Kit

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Shoemaking Super Kit $200.00
Shoemaking Super Kit $200.00

Learn to make shoes with the Shoemaking Super Kit

The shoemaking kit includes:
1.   Softcover Book: Footwear Pattern Making and Last Design
2.   Pair of shoe lasts: Choose your shoe size, SNF-1 last
3.   Pair of white rubber sneaker soles: Choose your shoe size
4.   2.0mm Lasting Board firm 8.5in x 13in
5.   1.5mm Strobel Board (stitchable) 8.5in x 13in
6.   1.5mm Heel Counter (hot melt) 8in x 12in
7.   .5mm Toe Puff (hot melt) 8in x 12in
8.   Shoemakers measuring tape: 24in – 60cm
9.   Shoemakers lasting pliers
10.  Cut-paper shoe pattern: the exact pattern shown in the book

Hard to find tools and materials.
Bundle and Save Money!

More Materials Now Included!!

15mm KFF foam collar and tongue 8 in x 11.5in
5mm Lining fabric White+ 5mm KFF foam + Tricot mesh 16 in x 11.5in
5mm Lining fabric Black+ 5mm KFF foam + Tricot mesh 16 in x 11.5in
.2mm Non-Woven super tuff eyestay reinforcement 8 in x 11.5in

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