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Wade Motawi

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Thanks! I highly appreciate your effort that went into your webpage and all the crazy good information on the process of making shoes.
- Ronnie

Great Read

Thank you for showing how shoes are really made! I had no idea what it really takes. Great Read Thanks Mr. Shoe Dog!
- Robert

Great pictures

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for putting the E-book together. It is easy to comprehend and has great pictures. It definately helps people understand the process.
- Linda


Good content. Just what one would expect from the title. Simple, short, and comprehensive!
- Anonymous

Trying to get a job in footwear industry

I am currently a college student in South Korea, trying to get a job in footwear industry. I am also taking classes at school from a professor who has more than 25 years of career in the industry. I have found your websites doing assignments that he gave us, and ended up buying this. The book seems pretty useful so far since there are many pictures,(we students simply don’t get many chances to see what’s really going on in the field) and also the book seems contain basically most of things we learn at school.
- Cnscnwo


Interesting look into how shoes are made. Includes details that would be important for designers but also a great introduction to product design, manufacturing and distribution.
- Dillion

Creating a shoe brand

I just received my copy of How Shoes are Made today and read it front to back. Thanks so much for making a book like this! It's a great source of knowledge. I'm sure I'll be referring to it over and over again. I am creating a shoe brand this is just what I needed! Thank You!
- Carrie

How Shoes are Made Book Reviews

For basic and entry level reading, this book is a good start.
- Andy Chen

Comprehensive and easy to follow

How to Start Your Own Shoe Company is incredibly comprehensive regarding all the aspects of starting a shoe company. Yet it's also very easy to read and follow. Definitely a must-have for anyone considering starting their own shoe business.
- AG

Highly Recommend!

I really learned a lot from How to Start Your Own Shoe Company and enjoyed following the two fictitious companies. The photos, charts and infographics are excellent. A great companion book to How Shoes are Made. I would recommend it to anyone interested in starting a business as it details the steps from initial design all the way to retail sales and marketing.
- CA Dreamer


I wish I had this book 20 years ago when I was starting my business. Really helpful and informative. Thank you.
- AM

Recommend Shoe Material Design Guide

For someone like me who has never designed a single shoe, it's very clear and easy to understand. The pictures and how they are labelled make it very engaging, I could easily see it being used a textbook in a shoe making curriculum. All in all, very educational. Would recommend to anyone who wants to learn about shoe-making
- Adam

Love the shoe dissection!

I am very happy with this purchase. I wish Shoe Material Design Guide was available to me 20 years ago when I was starting out in shoe design. Clear, well organized, great photos and the Shoe Dissection half of the book where the shoes are cut in half and the inside materials are called out is really well done, interesting, and helpful!
- Drea

Amazing Book :)

Thank you for your help! It worked perfectly. Amazing book :)
- MS

I love your book!

Your book about how shoes are made is great, even it should be named how sneakers are done. I m a shoe designer and a shoe teacher since a long long time and i can confirm how fine clear and pédagogic is this book. Thanks!full respect ! From Paris, France.
- Nathalie

valuable resources - for designers, developers, and entrepreneurs

As a shoe dog who has designed and developed multiple footwear collections myself, I can truly appreciate the work you've put into creating these valuable resources - for designers, developers, and potentially future entrepreneurs like myself! I'm looking forward to receiving my printed copies of the books in the mail, THANK YOU!
- Chris


- Owen

Perfect Industry Tool!

I've read the first two books within the past week, this is the tool that everyone in the industry should have in their toolbox.
- L. Zhang

Shoe material design guild

This book helped with my school project. Also, the author shared their personal experiences working with factories in Asia and I think that's fantastic!
- Oluwapelumi Alabi


I read ur book how shoes are made.i wanted to know when ur how to make footwear patterns book will come in the market, please relese asap.
- Mayank

Looking good!

My books arrived yesterday in good order. I already took a sneak preview in them, looking good! Thanks again. I will recommend you at my collegues. Have a nice weekend!
- Berend

Excellent service

I thank you. I appreciate you service and excellent website and business.
- Eleanor

Excellent resources

Thank you for providing this information. I have been looking for resources like your books for a long time.

I appreciate your website!

I really appreciate your website and your contents. I've just find out your website and I've still had a lot of interesting articles to read.
- LC

Hand made lasts

Loved the page on making your very own lasts so that you can make your own shoes.
- Angela

Great schooling

Thank you for sharing your skills. Great inspiration home manufacturing.My foundation will be will get in touch with you to bring the skills to many people
- Sandra

Highly Recommend

Solid construction, all the surfaces engage like they should and the action is smooth. Would buy tools from here again!
- A. M.

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