Welcome. I’m Wade, “The Shoe Dog” here at the SneakerFactory.

In 2004, I created The Sneaker Factory website and began compiling loads of photos and shoemaking information from my career in the shoe trades to share with other aspiring shoemakers at all levels. A few years later, Sneakerfactory.net began offering my shoemaking books, ebooks, shoemaking supplies, and consulting services to fellow shoemakers around the world. 

At this point, I have worked in the shoe trades and action sports industry for more than 30 years as a Designer, Developer, Product Line Manager, Development Group Manager, Advanced Projects Group Manager, Buyer, and Sourcing Manager. I have experience working on casual, brown shoes, sandals, snowboarding boots, and sports shoes for running, skating, biking, hunting, hiking, etc. I also have extensive experience designing and developing soft goods and hard goods for action sports including golf, baseball, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and kiteboarding to name a few. I have lived in the Far East and traveled extensively in China, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc. My home is in California with my wife, two teenage boys, and two dogs.

My vision is to share with other aspiring shoemakers all the materials and information I wish were available to me when I was starting out.  

Enjoy the content and please reach out to let me know your questions, comments, and biggest shoemaking challenges. I strive to continually update and improve the information and courses we offer at SneakerFactory.net.

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Wade “The Shoe Dog” and the Sneaker Factory team

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