Running Shoe Last Design

Running Shoe Lasts

The running shoe last is designed to create a lightweight, close-fitting, flexible shoe with enough heel lift for impact-absorbing cushioning. This last has a low medial sidewall that flares up to create extra toe space. This gives the shoe extra flexibility and helps hold the foot back into the shoe for a snug fit without pinching the runner’s toes. ...

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Footwear Pattern Making and Last Design Written and Edited by Wade and Andrea Motawi

The Shoe Last is First

This is an excerpt from Chapter 1 : Footwear Pattern Makingand Last DesignThe shoe last is the starting point of every footwear design and has been called “the heart of the shoe.” The last is the center of the entire shoemaking process. The shoemaker starts ...

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descarga de tres libros de zapatería

descarga de tres libros de zapatería

Librería de zapateríadescarga de tres libros de zapatería“Cómo se hacen los zapatos", 200 pages“Guía para el diseño de materiales de calzado“, 199 pages“Cómo empezar tu propia empresa de calzado“, 170 pagesDescarga instantánea, ¡comienza a leer ahora!

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Manufactura e importación de calzado

¿Cómo hacer zapatos para tu nueva marca de zapatos?Con los diseños en mano, ahora es el momento de encontrar una fábrica... ¿Verdad? Pues no. Con tus nuevos diseños de calzado en mano, tómate un tiempo para ENSEÑARLOS. Deja que tus amigos y familiares echen un vistazo, enséñaselo a tus vecinos; pueden darte una nueva visi...

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see Inside a Fake air Jordan 1

Inside a Fake Air Jordan 1

Let's see inside a Fake NikeA Fake Nike Sneaker Deconstructed!Here at the Sneaker Factory, we love to see how shoes are made! We even wrote a book called How Shoes are Made. To really see how Nike makes shoes, it's best to slice into a few pairs and see what's going on inside. So, today we are ...

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Shoe Company Start-Up Pro Pack Download

Sneaker Factory Pro Pack 2020 Upgrade

The new 2020 Start-Up Pro Pack includes:A must-have for anyone serious about launching a new footwear company! The Shoe Company Start-Up Pro Pack Download is all you need to get your shoe business off the ground. For 2020 we have upgraded the Sneaker Factory Pro Pack to include t...

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Footwear Pattern Making and Last Design

Footwear Pattern Making and Last Design Video

A beginner’s guide to the fundamental techniques of shoemaking. Do you want to learn how to make shoe patterns? Do you know how to design a last for a high heeled fashion shoe versus a sneaker or dress shoe? In Footwear Pattern Making and Last Design, we will t...

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sneaker anatomy

What’s Inside a Sneaker?

Sneaker Anatomy #1: Inside The Under Armour Stephen Curry 2.5 This is the first article in our series on shoe anatomy. We will cut-up some expensive shoes made by Nike, Adidas, Converse, Vans, and Under Armour. Slicing open shoes is the best way to see and learn exactly how to make sneakers. We hope you enjoy it. To see more cut...

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¿Qué es lo que necesito para hacer un par de zapatos?

Equipamiento para una fábrica de calzado: ¿Qué necesito para hacer zapatos?

¿Qué equipos de fabricación de calzado necesito para abrir una verdadera fábrica de calzado? Te guiaré a través de una fábrica de calzado de producción a gran escala, y te detallaré todo el equipo de fabricación de calzado que necesitarás para hacerlo bien. Si estás en busca de herramientas para la fabricación de calzado, haz clic aquí. Te mostraré lo que necesitas para hacer una sne...

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Sneaker Factory Design

How to Build a Shoe Factory

What machines are needed to manufacture shoes?Today I want to introduce you to a company that makes shoemaking equipment. Elitech Footwear Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Taiwan with representative offices ...

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What is shoe last type shoe last chart

What is a Shoe Last?

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Footwear LastsShoe Last Function and FashionThe shoe last is the starting point of every shoe design and has been called “the heart of the shoe.” The last is the center...

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