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Book and Lasts! Beginners footwear Pattern making kit

The beginner’s pattern making kit includes:

  1. Softcover Book: Footwear Pattern Making and Last Design by Wade Motawi
  2. Pair of shoe lasts: you choose your shoe size, SNF-1 last
  3. Shoe makers measuring tape: 24in – 60cm
  4. Cut-paper shoe pattern: the exact pattern shown in the book

Follow the step-by-step process to make your own footwear patterns at home.

Was $169.99

This matched set is perfect for your DIY pattern-making and home shoemaking projects.

Together, the proven SNF-1 sneaker last and our classic rubber cupsole unit are a great choice for making casual-style shoes.

Based on the classic “Vans” styling, the SNF-1 last instep is suitable for low-cut, mid-cut, and high-top patterns. This shoe last also works for slip-on and lace-up style shoes.

  • The SNF-1 last allows for a sleek vamp and toebox yet it’s accommodatingly wide in the midfoot
  • The SNF-1 last features a defined feather edge (suitable for both hand-lasting and Strobel-lasting shoe constructions)
  • The hinge allows for easy removal without damaging your shoes
  • The classic cupsole unit has a high sidewall for bonding
  • The rubber egg-crate midsole provides cushioning and reduces weight
  • The modeled sidewall groove allows for a secure stitch-down attachment

Was $119.99

The perfect shoe last for your DIY shoemaking projects.

Based on the classic “Vans” styling, the SNF-1 last is a great choice for making casual-style shoes. The last instep is suitable for low-cut, mid-cut, and high-top patterns. This shoe last also works for slip-on and lace-up style shoes.

  • Sleek vamp and toebox
  • Accommodatingly wide
  • Features a defined feather edge (suitable for both hand-lasting and Strobel lasting shoe constructions).
  • Hinged for easy removal without damaging your shoes.
  • 5mm drop

Matching rubber outsoles are Available Here.

This casual rubber outsole is durable, comfortable, and easy to work with.

  • Faux vulcanized “Margom” styling
  • Egg crate cushioning
  • Stitch groove for a firm and easy upper attachment
  • Sizes are marked on each outsole.

Make sure your materials are to spec with this handy material measuring gauge. Great for checking leathers and synthetic materials. Features adjustable dial to zero out and locking screw. Manual operation, no batteries to wear out. Plastic case with foam padding included.
USA Shipping – Free / International Shipping-$9.00 USD.

Beaked pincers with built-in hammer face. For shoe lasting and sole nailing. Durable economical construction. For production factory use. Steel with black painted handle. 21cm long, 6cm opening with 14cm handle.

What is your biggest shoemaking challenge? Let us know. We can help you!

Do you need help with your footwear or product design project?
Having trouble getting your footwear ideas off the ground?
Has something gone wrong with your shoes?
Do you need a referral to someone in China who can have a look for you?

With over 25 years of experience in the shoe trades and soft goods industries, we are here to help!

Comprehensive textbooks and materials, small group classes, or private consulting with “The Shoe Dog.” All you need to guide you in your shoemaking journey.

(price quoted is per hour)

The Sneaker Factory has made available the entire pattern size run for the Arris classic trainer, Men’s size 7 to 13 – Euro size 39 to 47. Download of the entire size run in PDF and live vector Adobe Illustrator .Ai formats.

Shoe last measuring step. Durable injection molded plastic. Measures last heel lift from 1cm to 11.5 cm.
Step measures 12cm x 12cm

Designed specifically for measuring shoe lasts this 24 inch tape features a durable fabric reinforced non-stretch construction.  Printed on both sides this tape is marked with centimeters, inches, english sizes and stitch count. Steel grommet for hanging. Made in Germany.

This is a real factory outsole blueprint and cut paper pattern. As seen in the books “How Shoes are Made” and “Footwear Pattern Making and Last Design”, Both the pattern and blue print are from the Arris shoe project.  With these in your hands, you see exactly what the factory needs to make a shoe design into a real shoe. Perfect for teachers, students and anyone that wants to learn more about shoes.

The creation of the pattern is detailed step by step in the book “Footwear Pattern Making and Last Design”.

This shoe specification drawing pack is all you need to get started detailing your own shoe designs. This pack contains a technical specification drawing for a fully detailed shoe design, ready for your creative touch.  Upper views, outsole designs, material specs, colors. This is how a pro prepares a shoe design for the factory.  This 8 page drawing set is in Adobe .pdf format and Adobe Illustrator .ai live vector file.

You can make your own shoe last! This last is great for your DIY sneaker projects. The last has a standard outline with a well curved arch, plenty of toe space and is relatively thick on the lateral side so its fit is accommodating.  Heel lift is 6mm and the toe spring is 8mm.

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