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Shoe Material Design Guide

Footwear Consulting Services

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What is your biggest shoemaking challenge? Let us know. We can help you!

Do you need help with your footwear or product design project?
Having trouble getting your footwear ideas off the ground?
Has something gone wrong with your shoes?
Do you need a referral to someone in China who can have a look for you?

With over 25 years of experience in the shoe trades and soft goods industries, we are here to help!

Comprehensive textbooks and materials, consulting, workshops. All you need to guide you in your shoemaking journey.


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What services do we offer?

  1.  We can find you a professional designer with the right expertise for your project.
  2.  We have footwear developers located in the USA and China.
  3.  Our network in China can find and qualify factories for your shoes.
  4.  We can introduce you to trustworthy sourcing agents.
  5.  Experienced work with last development.
  6. Pattern making support.
  7. Materials, components, and hardware sourcing.
  8. China quality inspections.
  9. Assistance with factory price negotiations.
  10. Just about anything shoe or product design related!

Please contact us via email before purchasing : [email protected]


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