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Sneaker Authentication Course
how to spot fake Jordans?
Nike Authentication Course
Sneaker Authentication Course
air Jordan Authentication Course
complete guide to sneaker authentication and inspection
How To Spot Fake Nike Shoes: 10 Ways To Tell Real Nikes, How to Spot Fake Nikes, how to spot fake Jordan's, sneaker legit check
How To Spot Fake yezzy Shoes: 10 Ways To Tell Real yezzy's, How to Spot counterfit yezzys, how to spot fake yezzy's, sneaker legit check PDF
How To Spot Fake Nike Shoes: 10 Ways To Tell Real Nikes, How to Spot Fake Nikes, how to spot fake Jordan's, sneaker legit check
How To Spot Fake Nike Shoes: 10 Ways To Tell Real Nikes, How to Spot Fake Nikes, how to spot fake Jordan's, sneaker legit check
How To Spot Fake Nike Shoes: 10 Ways To Tell Real Nikes, How to Spot Fake Nikes, how to spot fake Jordan's, sneaker legit check

Sneaker Authentication and Inspection Online Workshop

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  • 2-hour live Zoom workshop with “The Shoe Dog,” Wade Motawi.
  • Weekend workshop with convenient times for New York, Los Angeles, and the U.K./E.U.
  • Learn how to run a professional footwear inspection on your brand.
  • Don’t get ripped off by a manufacturer selling you poorly made shoes and protect yourself from buying fake sneakers.
  • Impress your friends and colleagues with your ability to authenticate Air Jordan, Nike, Adidas, and Vans on the fly.
  • Step-by-step footwear inspection techniques for beginner shoemakers, designers, developers, start-up brands, DIYers, and sneakerheads alike.
  • Become a master with the in-depth review of our 50-point Complete Shoe Inspection Checklist.
  • Digital Certificate of Completion for the Sneaker Authentication course included.
  • Interactive Q&A session, bring your questions to “Ask the Shoe Dog”.

Sign Up Now and Save (was $150, now $99)
+ FREE  Ebook download of How to Spot Fake Sneakers.
+ FREE  50 Point Cheat Sheet download, not available anywhere else.

Live Session 1:
Saturday, July 23, 2022: date has passed

Live Session 2:
Saturday, August 27, 2022 9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST / 4:00pm GMT

Recorded Session:
Available now


sneaker construction, authentication, and footwear quality inspection Sneaker Authentication and Inspection Online Workshop
Now is your chance to learn footwear authentication & product inspection from an expert. Wade Motawi, “The Shoe Dog,” is a shoemaking pro with over 20 years of experience designing, building, and inspecting shoes. He wrote the books on shoemaking. Wade is also an accomplished speaker and teacher and has experience training and mentoring various private and public corporations and student groups.

In the Sneaker Authentication and Inspection Workshop, you begin with the basics of sneaker construction, authentication, and footwear quality inspection. Then, using Wade’s detailed live “Sneaker Cam,” you will study the professional authentication process in detail. Step by step, you will uncover the critical information needed to break into the world of sneaker development and authentication. Get ready to learn these eye-opening skills and never look at sneakers the same way again.  Improve your brand with professional inspection techniques. Break into the authenticating business. Start now.

What others have to say:

LaKendra in USA, designer building a portfolio to switch careers and follow my dream and passion.
July 2022: “I really appreciate all the information that you shared. Not a lot of people are teaching these skills that we need to get into these careers. Thank you for providing this valuable and hard-to-find information.” 

Alina in Lithuania
July 2022: This course was very helpful for me. I really enjoyed your presentation and how you explained everything. It was a very pleasant experience, and I look forward to participating in more sessions on Authenticating and your other sessions as well.

Faizsyah in Malaysia, metalsmith/designer by profession, sneaker enthusiast and an avid collector. 
Aug. 2022: I took this course as my first attempt before taking up other courses available by SneakerFactory. The pdf files provided are very brief and straightforward about authenticating a shoe. It is more than enough. I think you guys pretty much got it all covered. 

Top 5 Reasons You Need This Workshop:

Exclusive training is offered ONLY to the Sneaker Factory community.


Don’t get ripped off by a manufacturer selling you poorly made shoes and protect yourself from buying fake sneakers.


Become a master with our 50-point Complete Shoe Inspection Checklist.


Impress your friends and colleagues with your ability to authenticate Air Jordan, Nike, Adidas, and Vans on the fly.

Land a killer authenticating job at GOAT, StockX, or Stadium Goods.


Your Sneaker Authentication Workshop Questions Answered

Q: Is the Sneaker Authentication workshop live? ​
A: Yes, “The Shoe Dog,” Wade Motawi will present live over Zoom for the entire 2-hour workshop.

Q: Will I get my free ebook download before the course starts?
A: Yes, you will receive the link to download your PDF Ebook copy of  “How To Spot Fake Sneakers” immediately upon submitting your sign-up.

Q: Is this Authentication Workshop good for shoe designers?
A: Yes, you will learn to identify if your factory is cutting corners on your designs, and you will see a variety of material choices which may help you cut the cost of your design and save on the bottom line.

Q: I am launching my brand this year. Will this Authentication workshop help me?
A: Yes, this will provide invaluable information for you. You will be able to specify and inspect your samples like a professional and ensure you are getting quality products (and safe products) from your manufacturers and suppliers.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?
A: Yes! You can save $50 by signing up now. This is more than 30% off the original price.

Q: How many people are in the workshop?
A: We limit the participants to less than 8 per session. You will get personalized instruction and attention.

Q: Why is the Sneaker Authentication workshop discounted?
A: Because we like you :) and want to encourage you to join us!

Q: Is the Question and Answer session included in the 2-hours?
A: Yes, “The Shoe Dog” is available for questions during the presentation and will save time at the end of the presentation for all your questions.

Q: I work in product development, and only some of my products are footwear. Do you think this workshop will be valuable for me?
A: Yes! The inspection skills you learn in this workshop will teach you to look at the details of any product – especially footwear – in a whole new way.

Q: I signed up already but need to cancel now. Can I get a refund?
A: We can refund the workshop cost minus the cost of the ebook if you cancel at least 3 days before the session begins.

Q: Do you offer scholarships or student discounts?
A: We are open to hearing about your situation. Send us an email with your information, which session you are interested in, and why you are in need of a scholarship or discount, and we will get right back to you.

Q: I have a lot of Sneaker Authentication questions. Can I send them beforehand or after the session?
A: Yes, you can email [email protected] at any time with your questions, and The Shoe Dog will get back to you. We love to hear from the shoemakers in our community.

Q: Will the Authentication workshop cover inspection techniques for all footwear or just Nike and Adidas, etc.?
A: The workshop will show you how to inspect materials, insoles, outsoles, packaging, fit, and more which applies to all types of footwear.

Q: Will the workshop be recorded?
A: Yes, it will be recorded. You will receive a copy of the recording within a day of attending.

Q: Where can I sign up for the Sneaker Authentication Workshop?
A: Right here! Follow this link. —> The Sneaker Authentication Workshop

Q: If I cannot attend at the last minute, will I still get the recording?
A: Yes, anyone who signs up and pays for the workshop will receive the recording.

Q: What if I can’t make it on those dates and times?
A: We will continue to offer this workshop throughout the year, and you will be notified of upcoming times and schedules for all our workshops.

Q: Will others in the class see me on Zoom?
A: It is up to you to choose to have your camera and microphone on during the workshop. “The Shoe Dog” would love to see you and have some interactive communication in these small group sessions.

Q: I am just starting out as a designer. Is the Sneaker Authentication Workshop good for beginners?
A: Yes, we will start with a review of sneaker authentication and inspection basics. All levels are invited and welcome.

Q: I am new to Zoom. When will I receive the Zoom information, and do I need to pay Zoom to use it for class?
A: You will receive an email with the Zoom link information upon enrollment and reminders as we get closer to the workshop. There is no charge to use Zoom, and the live link will take you through the instructions necessary to attend the workshop.

Q: I am looking at purchasing a specific pair of Air Jordans on eBay, and I’m thinking they may be fake, but I’m not sure. Can you help me?
A: Yes, in this workshop, you will learn the tricks to spot counterfeit Air Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Vans, and more. You should have a clear understanding of real vs. fake once you finish the workshop and review the examples in the textbook.

Q: Tell me again how to contact you.
A: You can always reach us via email at [email protected] We would love to hear from you.

Break into the sneaker business. Start authenticating now.


Recorded Workshop, Session 1, Session 2

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