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Where can I buy the SneakerFactory books?
Here is a link to our bookstore where you can purchase softcover and PDF Ebook versions of all our books and materials. We ship all around the world. Books recently have been sent to Vietnam, Israel, South Africa, South Korea, and many other countries. You can also purchase online through Amazon, Pothi, Barnes & Nobles, Etsy, and eBay. If you need more help please send us your address and we will help to get your books to you efficiently.

How do I get my ebook downloads?
Your download link will be emailed to you immediately after payment on your Purchase Confirmation page. Once you download your ebooks you can save them on your computer for future use. (All books and files are copy-write protected.)

What size are the printed books?
Large! All books are 8.5 x 11 inches and approximately 1 inch thick and have full-color covers and hundreds of colorful photos. They look nice on your desk or your coffee table.

Does the Pro Pack Start-Up Course come with downloads and paper books?
Yes, the Pro Pack Course contains 4 ebooks (instant download) and 4 paper books which will be mailed to you. Additional materials are also delivered by instant download and you will receive a real factory blueprint and cut paper pattern via mail. This is the complete course, best value, and contains materials not available anywhere else.

Can I download and read the books and materials on my iPhone?
Yes, you can, but we suggest you use a tablet, laptop, or desktop for the best experience.

What file format are the Ebooks?
The ebooks are PDF files compatible with PC, Windows, and Apple computers, tablets, and phones.

What if I have trouble with my ebook downloads and materials?
On the rare occasion that you have an issue with your download, don’t worry, we will do our best to get you your product in a timely manner. Our office is staffed from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm PST to handle any issues. Send us an email at [email protected] for the fastest reply or connect with us via social media. We are able to quickly refresh your link or send you a new link.

How are paper books shipped?
Softcover books are packed in a secure cardboard mailer and sent out via USPS Media Mail in the USA. In other countries, your book order will be securely shipped from a printing location overseas, and tracking information will be available.

How long will it take to get my softcover books and shoemaking materials?
USA orders ship out right away and the majority arrive within a week or so via USPS. International orders ship from locations around the world and may take longer to arrive depending on your country.

What if I don’t like the book or materials?
Well, it has happened. Maybe once in 5 years. If you don’t like the book, you can send it back and we will issue a full refund. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We will also take back unused and unopened tools and materials.

How much do the books cost?
The PDF ebook downloads cost $19.99. The paper books cost $44.99. For most updated pricing go to our bookstore.

Can I buy the books from
Yes! Our books are available on Amazon worldwide in both English and Spanish. We also sell both softcover and hardcover editions. Search in your home country. Go to Amazon to read all our positive customer reviews.

What if I love the book?
Please send us an email, or leave us a positive review on our website or on so we can get our books into the hands of more people like you!

Will I learn shoemaking?
Yes! You will learn the step-by-step process of shoemaking. Easily explained and with lots of full-color photographs.

Where are the books printed?
Our books are printed in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and India.

Do we ship books worldwide?
Yes! We can ship to almost every country in the world and have customers in more than 95 countries.

Can I use the books in my school program?
Yes, of course! Are you a teacher or a student? Contact us for order discounts, class licenses, and other opportunities.

How many books have you sold?
We have sold over 10,000 copies of our books to shoemakers in over 90 countries!

What is a shoe dog?
A shoe dog is a rare breed of men and women who travel the world taking long plane flights and working long hours to make shoes for the rest of us.

I have a question for the Shoe Dog…can I speak to him?
Yes, we love to hear from you and gear our content to what our customers want. Please sign-up for our email list or send us a note. Wade Motawi, The Shoe Dog, replies quickly to customer questions and is also available for phone or online consulting. Mr. Motawi often speaks to classes, at conferences, and leads a few different online shoemaking courses throughout the year.

I need help finding a designer, developer, and setting up my factory…can you help?
Yes, we can refer you to a multitude of designers, developers, material suppliers, factories, QC inspectors – we have been doing this a loooonnngg time!

Can I find Sneaker Factory on Social Media?
Yes! Please follow, like, and comment on How Shoes Are Made on Facebook and Sneaker Factory Shoes on Instagram. We’d love to hear from you and follow you back.

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