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How To start your own shoe company Build your business and brand.

Start Your Own Shoe Company PDF ebook

How To Start Your Own Shoe Company is for anyone with the dream of starting a shoe company of their own. The book follows the launch of two small start-up shoe companies. Each company has its own style of shoes and business plan. In each chapter we will describe a requirement or process, then we will take some time to explain how each new shoe brand will tackle the challenges.
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How To Start Your Own Shoe Company covers many important topics such as; how to go about creating your shoe brand identity, how to legally set-up your shoe company, how to register trademarks and apply for patents, how to get your shoes designed, built, paid for, and how to go about selling your shoes. We will also cover topics like how to import shoes, international distribution, how to pay overseas vendors and capital requirements. Windows & Mac compatible ebook, 170 Pages, 12 Chapters, Over 225 color photos, charts and graphs.
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How to Start Your Own Shoe Company


How to start a shoe brand Shoe business ideasChapter 1 : Your Shoes and Your Brand
Starting your own footwear business
Does the world need another shoe company?
Create your own shoe brand.
Create your business plan.
Footwear brand identity development.
Footwear target markets.
Shoe business ideas.


How to start a shoe business from home How to start a small shoe businessChapter 2 : Creating Your Shoe Company
When do you need to create your shoe company?
What kind of company best fits your needs?  What is an LLC?
Creating and protecting your trademarks.
Finding and buying web domains.
Permits for a new shoe business.


designing-your-product-line How to Make Your Own Shoe Line?Chapter 3 : Designing Your Product Line
Two kinds of shoe design briefs.
Footwear merchandise plans.
How to hire a shoe designer.
Do you need a footwear patent? Design vs utility patents.
Designing your own custom shoes.
How to find a shoe designer.


planning-your-shoe-business Shoe Pricing – From Cost of Production to Retail PriceChapter 4 : Planning Your Shoe Business
When and how to launch your shoes into the market.
Footwear delivery seasons.
Financial modeling for your shoe business.
Calculating profit margins for footwear sales.
Shoe Pricing:  the cost of production and retail market pricing.
How to start a small shoe business.


manufacturing-and-importing-your-shoes How to start a shoe line from scratchChapter 5 : Manufacturing and importing Your Shoes
Finding a factory to make your shoes.
Footwear agents and trading companies.
The shoe development process.
Import duty and shipping rates for shoes.
Shoe manufacturing business plan.


start-up-costs-and-raising-capitalChapter 6 : Start-Up Costs and Raising Capital
Footwear development expenses.
The capital calendar for shoe start-ups.
Raising money for your shoe company.
Letter of credit and wire transfers.
How much money do I need to start my own shoe brand ?
How to start a shoe business with no money?


Part 2:  Marketing - Sales - Distribution

brand-promotion-and-footwear-marketingChapter 7 : Brand Promotion and Footwear Marketing
What is marketing? Traditional, guerrilla and social.
Footwear marketing strategies.
Making your shoe company catalog.
Print and digital media.
Shoe trade shows and alternatives.


Wholesale distributors of shoesChapter 8 : Footwear Sales and Distribution
The footwear sales chain.
The language of footwear sales.
Footwear buyers.
Sales and distribution models for shoes.
Wholesale distributors of shoes.
Web direct internet shoe sales.
How to start a shoe business online.
Sell shoes online for cash.


shoe-company-operations How to Start a Shoe Manufacturing CompanyChapter 9 : Shoe Company Operations
Serving your consumers and shoe dealers.
Operational models for shoe companies.
E-commerce platforms.
Third party logistics service providers.


whats-next-for-your-brandChapter 10: What’s Next for Your Shoe Brand?
Strategies for growing your footwear brand.
Selling shoes into new markets.
Diversifying your product offering.
Vertical integration.


going-internationalChapter 11: Going international
Defending your trademarks overseas.
Distribution models for shoes.
Finding the right footwear distributors.
Purchase terms for shoe distributors.


what-can-go-wrongChapter 12 : What Can Go Wrong?
Dealing with footwear manufacturing delays.
Shoe quality issues.
Lost trademarks.
Damaged shoemaking equipment.


terms-your-should-knowChapter 13 : Shoe Making Terms You Should Know
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
Stock keeping units (SKU)
Sales representatives and sub reps
Minimum advertised price (MAP)
Limited liability company (LLC)



sample-documentsChapter 14 : Sample Documents
Non disclosure agreement
U.S. tax form
DBA forms

How To Start Your Own Shoe Company
Series: How shoes are Made (Book 3)
Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Wade’s Place; 1 edition (February 20, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0998707015
ISBN-13: 978-0998707013


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